Jane Melling


Jane BSc (Hons), MA (Hons), Lic.Ac. MBAcC, AcC (Nanjing, China), MSc (Hons)

Jane Melling holds a First Class Honours degree in Acupuncture BSc from University of East London in the UK and trained at Nanjing University Hospital, China.

Having been born and raised with Oriental medicine culture in Seoul, South Korea, Jane is highly informed and experienced in Oriental remedies. With this background and her living experience in the UK over 25 years as a student, creative practitioner and educator Jane is ideally positioned to combine traditional acupuncture and Eastern healing therapies with Western science.

Jane’s diagnostic methods involves Five Elements, Eight principles (Yin/Yang, Cold/Hot, Exterior/Interior, and Excess/Deficiency), listening to the patient, observation, palpitation, tongue and pulse, and asking questions. This multifaceted means allows Jane to employ an integrated holistic approach to provide a tailored treatments for each individual patient embracing the body and mind and extending from direct treatment even to diet. (Private insurance accepted).

Jane is available on Thursdays or other days by request.

To book an appointment with Jane for acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine or Korean facial please call 07787 403 611 or email jane@healthcollective.org.uk.

£50 for 1 hours treatment.  Discounts are available for block bookings; and for patients, staff and volunteers at St Joseph’s.

“I am not in pain any more thanks to Jane’s mastery of acupuncture” [read more]

“Jane was helpful and friendly and the treatment was relaxing” [Derek]

“I feel very relaxed and am not feeling stressed” [Maria]

“I feel like my pain was less than when I came in for treatment.  Thank you Jane” [Annabell]