_C5G9624Reiki is a simple and gentle Japanese energy-balancing method.

The Reiki practitioner is the channel for accessing healing energy by either placing their hands on, or a few inches above, areas of the body that need to come into balance.  Reiki is non- invasive and the client keeps their clothes on throughout the treatment.

Many people experience Reiki as a deep penetrating heat that releases tensions and stress which promotes their healing. You do not have to be ill to have a Reiki session. Reiki helps to keep you in good health.

What to expect

Your Reiki practitioner will begin by taking a full medical history including details about your lifestyle. If you are on medication it is useful to note down the name of your medications before you come to a session. This is to help your practitioner keep an accurate record of your medical status.

Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Often clients fall into a deep sleep as they become very relaxed. Occasionally a person may cry as a deep seated emotional issue comes to the surface and is released. There are no contraindications when using Reiki unless requested by the client.

Consultations last  for 1 hour. Each treatment costs £50*.

*Discounts are available for block bookings, patients, staff and volunteers at St Joseph’s Hospice.


Miriam Stollar

Zelaikha Noviello

Payment can be made on the day for each treatment. Sorry no credit or debit card payment accepted. Cash, cheque or internet banking payments only.