“ Using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese massage, Cristina has not only exonerated back pain, but she has relieved both Repetitive Strain Injury in my hands and also bouts of insomnia, seemingly incurable by any other method. I value Cristina’s calm aura and totally trust her expertise in recognising and addressing pain. ” – Charlotte, Lawyer. [read more]

“I used to get regular tension headaches and would have to take quite a few painkillers to get through the day.  A friend suggested I go for a massage.  Thalia was able to pinpoint and work the areas of tension.  After one further session my headaches had completely gone.  Whenever I now feel the tension building I pick up the phone and make an appointment.”  Rebecca, Lawyer [read more]


 “I have had quite a few massages from Joost and I must say he is fantastic. If you fancy a good deep muscle massage Joost is your man. He takes time to explain things to you and an extremely pleasant young man.”  Frances Connolly [read more]


“I have had several Reiki sessions with Miriam and each time I am left feeling happier and more at peace. I can feel my stresses melting away, leaving me free to enjoy my day.  Miriam is a fountain of knowledge – she knows so much!  Thank you Miriam.”  Michelle Martey, Massage therapist [read more]


“The treatments Shashi gives are a real treat for the whole of me.  I come away from them feeling more relaxed and with new energy, though I can’t say exactly why – because Shashi knows how to disperse tension through massage?  Because she can identify and treat my secret problems through reflexology?  Or perhaps because she is a generous, open person who knows how to listen?  I expect it is a combination of all three – do try a treatment and see what you think!” Abigail Graham [read more]

Rosie has magic hands, truly the healing touch. I’ve seen Rosie when I’ve been in a lot of physical pain as well as emotional stress and exhaustion and couldn’t recommend her enough, in fact I have recommended her so much that many of my friends are returning clients” Lizzy Willmington, – Human Rights Campaigner [read more]