Since 1905 St Josephs has been caring for people affected by serious illness.




About 1,700 patients, their families and carers, are supported by the Hospice each year.






Staff and volunteers work together to identify and respond to each individual’s needs, whether their requirements are practical, spiritual, physical, emotional or mental.





Everyone at St Josephs strives to create a welcoming and hospitable environment to support each person on their journey and promote an atmosphere where healing can occur.



Complementary Therapies at St Josephs

room1Complementary therapies are part of the multidisciplinary care that St Josephs offers the community it serves.

The complementary therapy team, work closely with each other and the medical staff, to support patients, families and their carers with any physical symptoms they may be experiencing, or with the stresses and anxiety that can be caused by a serious illness.


London Fields Health Collective

Every member of the London Fields Health Collective currently works on the wards or in Finding Space, treating in- and out-patients, their families and carers. This gives them the skills to work as an integrated team with medical professionals.

In an effort to fully utilise the facilities at St Josephs, management offered therapists the chance to rent the rooms at Finding Space for their private practice. The income derived from room rental goes to support the continuing work of the Hospice in the community.

To continue to foster a collaborative working style, and to offer support to each other, the therapists decided to create the London Fields Health Collective.